Grand St Bernard

Students from the ski touring team completed a very demanding trip to the monastery at Grand St Bernard this weekend.

Despite a great forecast for the Saturday we were greeted by high winds and cold temperatures. Without any complaints, the students braved these conditions and set off with great enthusiasm and drive. This lead to a very challenging journey which had deterred many of the people we passed on the way. The students ability to complete the trip is a true reflection of the time they have put into developing their skills, and their ability to prepare the appropriate clothing and equipment.

On arrival we received a very warm welcome from the monks and took the time to explore the museum and learn about the history of this amazing place.

Sunday proved to be cloudy with little improvement in the weather. Following a short skin into Italy to see the famous statue of St Bernard we continued with the return descent. This offered almost every sort of snow possible and everyone skied it without issue.

The students should take a great pride and sense of achievement from this journey. It was a very challenging weekend and true testimony to their fitness and skill.

Below is a small selection of photographs which will hopefully be followed up with a short video in the coming days.

Well done and thank you!

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