Class 5 Riederalp

Class 5 visited the stunning area of Riederalp for thier long expedition this term. This UNESCO world hertiage site proved to be a great area to interact with the natural environment and discover the effects of a changing climate on the glaciers of Switzerland.

The expedition also acted as a platform to launch the students IMYC programme, which was very appropriately based on the term respect. All students were fully engaged in the activities and developed some great posters and videos based on the theme.

After 3 days of busy mountain activities, walking onto the Aletch glacier, and falling asleep to the calls of red dear from outside the hut. We returned to the valley for the final activity of canyoning. This involves walking to the top of a waterway and descending it by whever means necessary. This included jumps, slides, swings and zip lines.

Throughout our time away, the students were wonderful company and received nothing but great feedback from the everyone we worked with. I would jus like to thank them for their positive attitude and excellent behaviour… WELL DONE CLASS 5!


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