I.A. Norway

The IA gold group have just returned from their final expedition- a four day trek in a remote area of Arctic Norway. Conditions throughout the week were incredibly changeable; the group experienced rain, snow, sunshine and high winds. Deep snow also added to the already demanding effort of pulling a large amount of equipment on a pulk (sledge), including all their food and bedding.

This may not sound like the most appealing way to spend the first week of the holidays, but the students had a very focused goal of seeing the northern lights and this journey gave them the best possible chance. For their outstanding efforts (and lack sleep) they were rewarded! Over the 4 days, they had 2 nights of seeing the famous Aurora with no light pollution from any town or settlements.

There is no doubt that the group developed beyond any of our expectations and demonstrated tremendous team spirit and determination. Throughout some very physical days, they supported each other and discovered their own invaluable roles in the group, depending on their skills.

I need to gave a huge thank you to all of the girls for their amazing strength and good humour throughout the trip and to Ms Elman for all her support.

!!!!!!!!THANK YOU AND WELL DONE!!!!!!!!




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