Class 6 Moleson

Class 6 visited the beautiful area of Moleson this weekend. They all took on the challenge of a demanding walk with enthusiasm and determination; leading to a very impressive ascent time of only 2 hours 30 minutes. The walk finished as the sun was setting, giving some amazing colors and mountain scenery. After digging a selection of emergency shelters we retired to the hut to get dried out and enjoy a fondue.

This took us quite late into the evening, so after washing up it was time to prepare for bed. The following morning was forecast to be high winds and rain, but fortunately the weather held out long enough for us to have 2 runs on the sledge route and a ride on the Funicular rail line. A hearty meal rounded off the weekend and we returned with some very tired students. The whole class held an amazing attitude for the trip. Despite demanding tasks and some cold wet weather, they remained positive and were a delight to take away.


Thank you Class 6!!!!

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