Class 3 – Group 2

The second group from Class 3 was taken into the Swiss Jura at the weekend to complete a 2 day hike over some of the highest terrain in the area. On arrival I think some of the students were surprised to see so much snow, but they carried on and dealt with some very cold conditions. They planned, bought and cooked their own food, which was of varying quality but enjoyed being responsible for what they ate. The following each group planned their route for the day and were fully independent, making their own decisions and facing the consequence if they got it wrong. They all ascended the Dent de Vaulion for impressive views then finished in the picturesque town of Le Pont.IMG_3095 IMG_3096 IMG_3098 P1050927 P1050937 P1050939 P1050946 P1050947 P1050953 P1050954 20151017-123525 20151017-124623 20151017-125101 20151017-130916 20151017-132216 mms_img1443916203 mms_img-1091267251

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