Class 4 Champéry

Class 4 have just returned from the first expedition of the term, having braved the unsettled weather for two days of mountainous activities in Champéry. Its fair to say they were all challenged, whether it be from the dazzling heights of the Via Ferrata; the physical challenge of rock climbing; the focus needed for orienteering at night; spending their first night in a tent, or simply cooking on an open fire. But despite these many challenges they maintained a wonderful spirit and continued to help and support each other throughout, and I am pleased to say there were no exceptions.

They have all been wonderful company, enthusiastic, incredibly respectful and made the most of every opportunity. This resulted in an exceptional weekend from which everyone involved came away singing the groups praises. A special mention is deserved for the orienteering team who won by a huge margin and the girls who managed to complete the hardest part of the Via Ferrata in the rain! Well done and thank you to all those students who came away this weekend and the staff who made it possible.

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