Kilimanjaro – 5985m


5 students chose to climb Kilimanjaro (5985 m) in Tanzania to complete the expedition section of he International Award. They selected the Machame route giving themselves the best chance of success allowing more time for aclimatising than some of the other routes. The group had developed as a team over the year by completing events like ‘the dare’ in Austria and a practice expedition up the Cornettes des Bise in Switzerland.

The group performed extremely well on the hill and looked after themselves and each other. They thoroughly enjoyed the trek leading up to base camp going through some really impressive terrain with incredible views each day. After 5 days of acclimitising the group was ready to make a bid for the summit. At 12am they set off from base camp climbing through the night to reach the summit around 8.00am. The temperatures were well below freezing and the going was slow due to the high altitude, but the students pushed themselves hard and all made the summit – a great achievement.
‘That was the hardest thing I have ever done’ – (team member)

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