Class 3 Saint Claude

Over 2 weekends, students from Class 3 have visited Saint Claude to try out a Via Ferrata and Canyoning. For the activities we had perfect weather, with some impressive storms arriving during the evening. For the majority of students these were completely new activities taking them to very different and beautiful locations. We were impressed to see so many students (and staff) tackling their fears and trying the activities on offer. Thank you to everyone involved over 2 great weekends. IMG_2113 IMG_2110 IMG_2102 IMG_2100 IMG_2099 IMG_2091 IMG_2071 IMG_2070 IMG_2067 IMG_2063 IMG_2060 IMG_2056 P1050737 P1050734 P1050728 P1050717 P1050787 P1050785 P1050784 P1050780 P1050769 P1050766 P1050763 P1050758 P1050755 P1050709 P1050761 P1050723

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