Class 4 Ardèche

Class 4 have been away for 5 days on a trip to the Ardèche. It has been an action packed few days with climbing, weaseling, caving, sight seeing, kayaking and a variety of evening games. Due to high winds the overnight river journey had to be altered. But we still managed 2 days of kayaking with the dreaded winds providing some challenging conditions for the students to overcome. Everyone approached the activities with enthusiasm and great spirit; leading to a wonderful few days in great company. Thank you Class 4!

IMG_7942IMG_7920 IMG_7929 IMG_7943 IMG_7948 IMG_7950 IMG_7991 IMG_8005 IMG_8014 IMG_8019 IMG_8026 IMG_8058 IMG_8077 IMG_8085 IMG_8089 IMG_8097 IMG_8103 IMG_8110 IMG_8127 IMG_8131 IMG_8145IMG_1986IMG_1990IMG_1992IMG_1993IMG_2001IMG_2003IMG_2008IMG_2011IMG_2015IMG_2023IMG_2024IMG_2028IMG_2032IMG_2037IMG_2042

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