Class 5 – Multi activity weekend

Class 5 had a great weekend Mountain biking, Horse riding, Sailing and kayaking this weekend. The weather was less than ideal but with the new Rosey expedition jackets the students were prepared for the worst and managed to complete all the activities without exception. The weekend showed the students the wealth of outdoor activities the students can sign up to during the week and there are a lot of enthusiastic students who are keen to develop their skills further. Well done Class 5

P1050597 P1050603 P1050598

P1050583 P1050586 P1050593 P1050607 P1050609 IMG_1520 IMG_1527 IMG_1526 IMG_1542 IMG_1548 IMG_1554 IMG_1557 IMG_1569 IMG_1574 IMG_1583 IMG_1584

IMG_5619 IMG_5615 IMG_5612 IMG_5611 IMG_5609 IMG_5606 IMG_5605 IMG_5600 IMG_5598

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