Climbing Weekend

Some members of our climbing club headed for Dorenaz in the Rhone valley for a busy weekend of climbing. Over the two days they have covered a number of complex skills such as setting up belay points, using traditional gear, abseiling and multi pith climbing. This was followed by a well deserved rest in some thermal baths and a pizza. All students were attentive, enthusiastic and took advantage of the opportunity to challenge themselves. This resulted in a great weekend, with wonderful feedback form the guide and other parties that were climbing. Well done!

P1050520 P1050521 P1050522 P1050523 P1050528 P1050530 P1050532 P1050535 P1050540 P1050544 P1050546 P1050548 P1050550 P1050551 P1050553 P1050560 P1050562 P1050576 P1050578 P1050580

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