Class 5 have attended a long expedition to Kandersteg. The trip was over 5 days and incorporates a range of activities including: Hiking, orienteering, butter making, forest exploration and slack lining; with BBQ`s, quizzes and discos taking up the evenings. Throughout the 5 days the students were incredibly well behaved and enthusiastic, giving their all to every activity. The main focus of the trip was team building and social development, with many students demonstrating considerable growth in self-confidence a very mature level of understanding. Well done class 5!IMG_3643 IMG_2979 IMG_2983 IMG_2985 IMG_2991 IMG_2998 IMG_3019 IMG_3690 IMG_3713 IMG_3037 IMG_3029 IMG_3727 IMG_3029 IMG_3036 IMG_3756 IMG_3766 IMG_3045 IMG_3050 IMG_3053 IMG_3778 IMG_3071 IMG_3842 IMG_3081 IMG_3085 IMG_3856 IMG_3126 IMG_3898 IMG_3095 IMG_3924 IMG_3928 IMG_3933 IMG_3936 IMG_3129 IMG_3135 IMG_3144 IMG_3169 IMG_3182 IMG_9616 IMG_3188 IMG_3205 IMG_9625 IMG_9645 IMG_9714 IMG_3210 IMG_3213 IMG_3218 IMG_3224 IMG_3230 IMG_3235 IMG_3237 IMG_3243 IMG_3244 IMG_3254 IMG_3311

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